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"MReader" is a browser-based version of the Moodle "Reader" module and therefore can be utilized by those not having the Moodle LMS on campus. This version, which is supported by the various graded reader publishers, is intended to be easy for administrators, teachers and students to use. The site was developed with research funds from Kyoto Sangyo University and the Japanese Ministry of Education and can be used free of charge by any legitimate educational institution. Voluntary donations from satisfied users, however, are appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.


MReader is designed to be an aid to schools wishing to implement an Extensive Reading program. It allows teachers (and students) to verify that they have read and understood their reading. This is done via a simple 10-item quiz with the items drawn from a larger item bank of 20-30 items so that each student receives a different set of items. Students who pass a quiz receive a cover of their book on their own home page on the site.



The program allows teachers to control how frequently students can take quizzes and what level of book difficulty they may take a quiz on. There are almost 6000 quizzes available, comprising virtually all popular graded reader series as well as "youth literature" -- books used with native-speaking children and young-adults.


If your school uses the Moodle course management system, you might consider using the "Reader" plugin that utilizes the same quizzes. See for further details.


A 9-minute video 'tour' of the system is available here:


Here are some academic publications that mention various aspects of MReader.


Those interested in using the site may contact Thomas Robb, at Please use your school email address, if possible, since we must verify the identity of new users in order to keep the quizzes secure. This site is hosted by the Extensive Reading Foundation.


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