Information about the MoodleReader/MReader Project

A brief history

The project created by teachers in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan as a means of tracking the Extensive Reading of the English Department students. Originally created as a "plug in" for Moodle in 2008, a more user-friendly browser-based system called "MReader" was developed in 2013. Schools may install the plug-in in their own Moodle, or they may establish a site on Use of either version is free of charge, although donations from "heavy users" are appreciated.

Main Features

  • Quizzes on over 4500 readers (March 2015), including both "graded readers" and "youth readers" for native-speaking children.
  • 10 randomized questions, selected from a bank of 20+ per book.
  • Level-controlled, so that students read only books easier than their current level of ability
  • Timed, so that students cannot attempt to read the book while taking the quiz.
  • Enforced time interval between quizzes, to encourage spaced reading throughout the school term.
  • Determines whether students have done their claimed reading
  • NOT designed as a comprehension test. The questions are easy, relatively superficial in nature.
  • Free for schools to use

About the quizzes

The quizzes available on the system have been created by teacher volunteers or by the publishers themselves, made to our quiz creation guidelines. There are usually 10 questions for four types:
  1. Multiple choice
  2. Who said...?
  3. True/False
  4. Drag & Drop Ordering of events
Here is a sample quiz on "Tom Sawyer" (Opens in new window). The mix is varied according to the nature of the book.

Sample Preliminary Information for Students