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The number of users, and the number of quizzes that require support has grown far beyond what we had ever imagined. While our computer resources are hobbling along, the human resources have been completely overwhelmed.

Heretofore, funding for creation and maintenance of the MoodleReader and MReader code has come from two sources, Tom’s research funds and the Extensive Reading Foundation. Both of these are limited and will not be able to support future feature development, payment of the cloud server and support staff to upload quizzes and respond to queries.

We have therefore decided to ask for a completely voluntary “support fee” which you can have your school pay *if *your bureaucracy allows it. I think that most of you will agree that compared to purchased software that costs millions, you are receiving equal or better value from Moodlereader/MReader for free.

Moodlereader and MReader will always remain free and open to all. Those that can help financially support the project, however, will receive priority support, help with the uploading and maintenance of students and class lists, and priority attention to future feature requests. In the future, on MReader, it will be possible to have problem requests forwarded to a central location for response (with cc’s to your school admin and/or the class teacher).

Funds will help support both the development of MReader, and Gordon Bateson’s effort to 1) keep the Moodle Reader module problem free, 2) to improve its functionality and 3) to release versions compatible with future Moodle core code releases.

If you feel that your school can cooperate, please let use know. We can provide an invoice in Japanese or English with a variety of payment options, including a U.S. and Japanese bank accounts and PayPal (attachment). Suggested amounts are ¥50,000 ($500 US) or ¥100,000 ($1000 US) depending on the scale of your own program.

Donations of any amount are also gratefully accepted via PayPal. A receipt will be sent upon request. The account: <>


Contact email:


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